Published Photobooks

The selected books will be exhibited at NiMAC during the 4th International Conference of Photography and Theory (ICPT2016) which will be held between 2&4 December, 2016. The exhibition will be curated by Nicos Philippou, Despo Pasia, Nicolas Lambouris and Yiannis Toumazis.

Museutopia- A Photographic Research,  Ilya Rabinovich , Alauda Publications

FT Over-Print , Elisabeth Stoney , GV Editions

coisas de lá / aqui já está sumindo eu [things from there / here I am already fading away], Ana Gandum, Daniela Rodrigues , Piseagrama

Demarcation, Thomas Nicolaou , Self

Homes Sweet Homes, Sophia Tolika , self-published

Not provided , Yatromanolakis Yorgos , self-published

T , Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan , Forlaget Sød tøs

All Our Yesterdays. Life through the lens of Europe’s first photographers (1839-1939), Rome, April 2014, Antonella Fresa , Europeana Photography project

In Place of Memory , Linda Maria Thompson , Teg Publishing

Ebishushani 3. All the Tricks, Elly Rwakoma , Elly Rwakoma, Rumanzi Canon, Andrea Stultiens , HIPUganda / Paradox

Ebishushani 2. People Poses Places, Musa Katuramu, Rumanzi Canon, Andrea Stultiens , HIPUganda / Paradox

Ebifananyi 1. The Photographer, Deo Kyakulagira , Deo Kyakulagira, Andrea Stultiens , HIPUganda / Paradox

Τίποτε προσωπικό / Nothing Personal , Yiannis Pantelidis , University Studio Press S.A.

still Life Series: Photographic Reminiscence , Constanti Marianna , Marianna Constanti

Perintö Legacy , Tekla Inari , Aalto ARTS Books

DDSBs , John Darwell , mynewtpress

the little things , Sara Ho Shi Ning , Self-Published

An Authentic Relation , Marianne Bjørnmyr , YONA Editions

Still Life , Steven Beckly , Self-published

Out West , Kyler Zeleny  , The Velvet Cell

DUST: Egypt’s Forgotten Architecture , Xenia Nikolskaya , Dewi Lewis Publishing

A winter’ s tale , Mattia Vacca , Delicious Editions

Czarna Madonna (Black Madonna) , Jagoda Wisniewska , Self-Published

A Sudden Drop , Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson , Multinational Enterprises

City of Dust , Lewis Bush , self-published