The following guidelines apply to final papers for the 3rd international Conference of Photography and Theory: Photography and Politics and the Politics of Photography. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

The full paper should include an abstract and references. It may also include images, figures and tables. Besides the full paper (including an abstract), you are expected to submit the abstract separately. This will become a part of an abstract book, which will be distributed at the conference. The abstract should be submitted as plain text. All papers and abstracts must be in English.


Maximum length

An abstract should not contain more than 150 words. All papers must be limited to 4000 words (edited in accordance with the guidelines below), including abstract (150 words), images, figures, tables and references.


All text, including titles, names, and citations must be in Times New Roman, 11pt.

Order of paper presentation

The general order of the paper should be as follows:

  • Title of paper
  • Author(s)
  • Institutional affiliation(s) of author(s)
  • Contact details (including email and full postal address) of corresponding author
  • Abstract of no more than 150 words
  • Keywords (3-6)
  • Main body of the text, images, tables and figures. Images, tables and figures should be incorporated in the text following reference to them.
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements, if any
  • Biography of the author(s) (up to 100 words)
  • References
  • Appendices, if required

General Guidelines

  • Page size should be A4 paper. Left and right margins: 2.54 cm (or 1.0″). Top and bottom margins: 2.54 cm (or 1.0″). All pages should be numbered.
  • Insert an abstract (max. 150 words) after the title and author information separated by one blank line. The font of the title should be Times New Roman 14pt while the rest of the text Times New Roman 11pt.
  • Insert a single line after the abstract, followed by a list of up to 6 keywords.
  • The start of the main body of the paper should be separated from the keyword list by one blank line.
  • All text must start at the left-hand margin aligned left.
  • Text must be single-spaced
  • Paragraphs should be separated from each other by one blank line (no tabs are necessary when a new paragraph begins).
  • Insert images, tables and figures in the body of the text, following the paragraph in which they are first mentioned. Each image, table and figure should have a title and be numbered consecutively by Arabic numerals.


Please ensure that the spelling of names, terms, and abbreviations is consistent, including when they are used in tables and figures.


Authors are asked to follow the APA system of referencing. Do not insert references in footnotes or endnotes.

List of references should be single-spaced. Works by a single author should be listed chronologically. References should respect the following format:

Author, A. A. (1996). Title of book. City: Publisher.

Journal Articles:
Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (1996). Title of journal article. Title of journal, volume number(issue), first page-last page.

Chapter in Edited Book:
Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (1996). Title of chapter. In E. E. Editor, F. F. Editor, & G. G. Editor (Eds.), Title of book (pp. first page-last page). City: Publisher.

For any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact the Conference Organizers at For additional information about our Terms and Condition please click here